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yo [Jun. 5th, 2008|06:04 pm]
frikken awesome! We finally found a house, but it's kinda far from work. Oh well, do what ya gotta do right? That's what mom says anyways. I'm excited about getting our own house, but I kinda don't wanna move out of this place I'm staying now. My roomates are cool as shit. boo.
Anyways, work sucks. As always. Jen had the baby .. little Addy weighs like... 3 lbs now I think. She's doing really good though, off feeding tube and oxygen. So that's really good Jen and mom says. She's all the way in Hattiesburg and with the gas prices it's kinda hard for me to get up there and see her though. I'll be happy when she finally comes home though. She's gonna be tall as hell. So cute.
Ok, that's enough for now.
Write later.